Special Segment with Dave “Rel1k” Kennedy: Connecting the Dots on Bypassing AV
Dave Kennedy is CEO of TrustedSec, Former CSO of a Fortune 1000, Founder of DerbyCon, Creator of the Social-Engineer Toolkit and Artillery tools. Dubbed “The James Brown of InfoSec” for his work ethic, Dave *is* the nicest, coolest, bad-ass technical CEO on the planet*. Heavily involved with BackTrack and the Social-Engineer Framework, Dave works on a variety of open-source projects, such as AV Bypass. *Also, he is the subject of a man-crush by Executive Producer Mike Perez. (Totally understandable, Dave is awesome and inspirational in every talk i’ve seen.)
In addition we have JP Bourget and Bruce Potter on CycleOverride . CycleOverride is planning a series of rides over the coming years that revolve around information security and fundraising for organizations important to the infosec community. While we haven’t chosen our charities yet, we’re working on it and will have an announcement in the coming months. These rides are meant to be fun, but also meant to raise awareness of cyber security and hackerdom in general.
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