This Friday, October 28th, we’ll be broadcasting live a special 12 hour podcast – Episode 265 with very special guests Johnny Long, Kevin Mitnick, Marcus Ranum, and a plethora of other awesome folks. The live stream will be broadcast at 10:00 AM EDT and our drive for Hackers for Charity will be in full effect until the mics are turned off sometime around 10:00 PM EDT that night.
Episode 265 is dedicated to raising both awareness of, and funds for, Johnny Long’s excellent organization Hackers for Charity.
The HFC group:
- Feeds children through a “food for work” program.
- Builds computer labs to help students learn skills and land jobs that are key to disrupting poverty’s vicious cycle.

- Provides technical assistance to charities that can’t afford IT services.
- Furnishes job experience and references to the Ugandan volunteers.
You can get more involved via their website, or simply click the donate button below.

Participate in our IRC channel or sit back and enjoy it live via the link below:

NOTE: The video will play the most recent show up until we are live!
For interactive live video, audio, and chat during each episode you can visit PaulDotCom Live!, just hang out in our IRC channel, tune into PaulDotCom Radio for an audio only version of the show, or if you prefer, visit the Episode 265 show notes page.
- Paul Asadoorian, Larry Pesce, Carlos Perez, John Strand, Darren Wigley, and Mike Perez, Jack Daniel.

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