Whether you weren’t able to make DefCon or BlackHat or you simply want to relive a little of the mayhem, join us tomorrow night for three spectacular guest technical segments from the one hundred and sixty legged, international-roaming net-crawling hybrid bug hunter, Trustwave SpiderLabs!
Episode 254 will feature:
- Amazingly True Stories of Real Penetration Tests with Rob Havelt & Wendel Henrique
- Traps of Gold by Andrew Wilson & Michael Brooks
- Speaking with Cryptographic Oracles by Dan Crowley
Don’t miss this little taste of Vegas as it was meant to be enjoyed, live, via the link below:

NOTE: The video will play the most recent show up until we are live!
For interactive live video, audio, and chat during each episode you can visit PaulDotCom Live!, just hang out in our IRC channel, tune into PaulDotCom Radio for an audio only version of the show, or if you prefer, visit the Episode 254 show notes page.
- Paul Asadoorian, Larry Pesce, Carlos Perez, John Strand and Mike Perez.

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