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Six rising threats from cybercriminals.
“PCs are now fairly well protected”, he says, so some hackers have moved on to mobile devices. – Really, what networks have you been looking at? No doubt, it can be profitable to attack mobile phones, but let’s not lose sight of the ill-protected PCs, that are more powerful and ubiquitous enough to attack and make money. “Smart Grid” – Sure, attackers are after the “Smart Grid,” but let’s look at motivations. Theft of service and service disruption are the primary attack vectors, and this doesn’t translate into profits as well as a credit card or bank account. I believe that if someone can find a way to generate (pun intended) money off the smart grid, not save money or bribe people for power (which is unlikely to be a good stream of revenue) this will not be widespread.


Yes, there has to be money in it for criminals to be interested. Crack ain’t cheap.

Social Networking – In a typical exploit, says Joffe, someone contacts you on a service like Facebook or LinkedIn, posing as a friend of a friend or a co-worker of someone you trust. – Yes, this will be common, and yes it will be used by attackers to steal information, as long as we go on trusting social networks and using them to store our information. “Cyberstalking” – If you are a victim, you should learn about offensive countermeasures, and plant traps for those stalking you. Who is stalking me? I know who they are, just look at my Metasploit console.
Further, I think we need to look at exactly what is meant by systems being fairly well protected. When it comes to remote exploits (or Server Side Exploits) sure, things are far better in the world of Windows today. But here is the trick, attackers do not “need” to use remote exploits as much as they once did. It is far easier to get a target to run a malicious application than find a remote exploit. Hence, the reason why malware creation and privilege escalation should be a focus of concern for any pentesting group.


This app looks totally legit.

The point is this: the world is moving on. Follow the money and follow the tactics of the bad guys. Bad guys have been bypassing AV with their malware for quite some time. You need to learn how to do that too. Bad guys have been focusing on Privilege Escalation attacks. You need to do that too.
No, systems are not fairly well protected. The attacks have moved on. You should too.
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