Dennis Antunes is happy to announce the release of gloodin_v0.2

This version features many improvements over the initial release. Most notably:

  • The option to specify output format: first dot last, first initial last, etc.,
  • Output file name
  • Text to append/prepend: think email address, which would dovetail nicely with SET‘s mass mailer functionality
  • Simple URL encoding so spaces, ampersands, no longer break my queries :)
  • Error handling
  • Basic help

gloodin in a nutshell:

gloodin is a python script that makes a large number of google queries along with the modifier “” to harvest thousands of potential employee names, going far beyond what a typical manual search would allow.

It achieves this by repeatedly searching for some very common first names, last names and titles, later stripping these out to grab all the rest.
These names/terms are easily configurable by editing the included searchterms.txt, which is read in at run time.

For example, the following command will pull user names from the target organization; output them in a first initial dot last name format; append the email address of the target organization, and write the results out to the file gloodin_target_org:

./gloodin_v0.2 -t "target organization" -f fidl -a -o gloodin_target_org

Please contact me with any questions, suggestions, bugs etc. at stratmofo at gmail dot com.

Twitter: @dennisantunes

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