A 75-year old woman took a shovel to a fiber cable and took out Internet access to my home country of Armenia. Georgia, who provided the Internet access says, “We don’t how she found the optic cable, which was secure”.


Hint: She may have found it like this

Funny how people have a different view of what “secure” means. Physical security is important! Here’s the thing, while it may be exploited less than attacks coming across the Internet, its typically far more damaging.
Also, it is rumored that they are going to press charges against the lady. What the hell? She was just a scavenger looking for copper to sell so she could feed her family. I think charges should be brought against the company for not burying the cable more the 4″ deep. Because, burying it more then 4″ is important.
Yea.. We know..


Thats what she said..

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Originally discussed during episode 238
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