And this is why we drink. Dave explores the reasons why people do things, like MAC address filtering and hiding their SSID instead of using strong passwords. We see this happen a lot in the corporate world too, people implement security that is easy, not what works. Seems to me that there needs to be a shift of focus. Let’s focus on the hard stuff, like passwords, authentication, physical security, client security, and other stuff that I have probably told people they need to do. Yet, we keep marching down the Firewall/IDS/IPS/Anti-Virus route. Dave brings up two more great points: People think they don’t have to defend against the best hacker’s in the world, yet the best hackers in the world create tools that people use. Secondly, he questions why we are doing things backwards, as in using simple passwords but implementing hidden SSIDs and MAC filtering.
Further, we see this repeated time and time again when we look at the reality of how humans think. Need to lose weight? Work out and eat less. Plain, simple and to the point. But that does not sell. Want to secure your network? Baseline your systems, monitor, drill and train. Then, drill and train again. Or, you could try to purchase another Bright Shiny Object (BSO, thanks Michelle) and hope, this time, it works.
As for your family. We need to start training them how to be more responsible. For adults this can be hard. However, for younger kids we can start to teach them what things to avoid.


What something to avoid might look like…

For example, don’t post crazy pictures of yourself on Facebook. Don’t post naked pictures online or keep them on your phone. How about no naked pictures at all? How about don’t click on links from strangers?
The reason I bring these things up in relation to the younger generations is because I believe there is hope for them. The rest of us, that have been here since before the Internet became a “thing,” are set in our ways that were formulated when a gig hard-drive was massive.
Sure, this belief in the younger generations may be misplaced. But I will have faith anyway.
What is the worst that can happen?


-PaulDotCom and strandjs
Originally on episode 232.

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