So, Sony Tweets its own protection key. This key will allow, among other things, people to make copies of games and distribute them online. This could hurt Sony’s sales, or would it? I’m thinking that the closed nature of video game consoles hurts sales. If you could buy a device and have it allow for even more functionality, won’t they sell more systems? Also, does this really hurt video game sales? Of course, once the key is released and on the Internet, its out there. Restraining orders are a futile effort, why doesn’t Sony understand this?
But there is another question that needs to be asked… How the hell did this happen? I mean there are a number of “accidents” that can be explained easily.
“I am sorry, I got your daughter pregnant.”
“Dad.. I had no idea it was loaded.”
But tweeting the protection key? From a fictional VP’s twitter account? That makes no sense.
Either way, I doubt it will make that much difference. IT WAS ALREADY OUT!! So is this news?? Maybe just because it is funny.
- PaulDotCom and strandjs

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