So this reminded me of a story. I was teaching a firewall class to a small group of people that were internal administrators working for the same organization I was at the time. I was DEEP into statefull inspection, TCP handshakes, UDP, ICMP (yes, we all had our TCP big boy pants on). The course just happened to cover Netscreen firewalls, which is what we used at the time. It was great fun. Oh right, quantum computing. So we’re about three quarters of the way through the class, and I’m jumping up and down with excitement about dynamic source port allocation or something, and someone raises their hand and asks me this: “So, with the advent of quantum computing, we aren’t going to need firewalls anymore, right?” The question really caught me off guard, honesty. Remember, encryption is only good if you are using it, and using it correctly. Just ask those people who have had laptop stolen or all their email published as a Torrent file on the “interwebs.” It begs an interesting philosophical question though: If we can come up with a way for people to authenticate themselves to every service on the Internet, why do we need firewalls? (Sorry my cold medicine has me all “philosophical today”).


What Paul Drunk on “cold medicine” might look like

Further, this shows just how far data storage can go. We can store data at the Photon level. This is what we at PaulDotCom call “serious science.” The article is deep with techno jargon and seems to be beyond the grasp of us mortals. For example, take the following line:
However, Wang found that if one of the cavities was gently probed before looking inside, thus changing the quantum state, the effect of the probing could be seen, even if that cavity was subsequently found to be empty.


Heres to you Mister Porn Star Scientist!

Umm? What? Has this guy been on PaulDotCom? This sounds almost exactly like the topics we cover every show… “Wang could gently probe the cavity before looking inside?” Now they are just messing with us.
I think?
-PaulDotCom and strandjs

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