We’re following the White Rabbit Rafal Los, to the Mad Hatter of David “ReL1K” Kennedy’s 7 PM lemon tea party for Episode 220 of PaulDotCom Security Weekly!
Rafal Los will be on to discuss Web 2.0 and its effects on security, and how functionality is the arch-enemy of security. Dave Kennedy of the epic Social- Engineer Podcast and an admitted Sec Maniac will expand on the Long Tail theory and how it relates to information security as well as give us an update on S.E.T. (Social Engineering Toolkit).

ReL1K getting a little bit too excited shopping for lemons for his parties.

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Break out your beverage of choice and enjoy the show live!
- Paul Asadoorian, Larry Pesce, Carlos Perez, Darren Wigley, and John Strand.

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