Witness first hand the hackalicious bomb which the PaulDotCom (PaulDotBomb?) crew drops on a weekly basis! Join us live at 19:30 EST on Thursday November 19th for Episode 176 of PaulDotCom Security Weekly, where Lars Ewe kindly offers to hack your website, for free, no less!


Furthermore, Mr. PaulDotCom proudly presents “Setting up your very own hacking lab”, in which Paul will walk you through easy ways to acquire web applications, software and vulnerable operating systems.
The live stream should be active around 7:30 EST, Thursday night. Please keep in mind that the recording time start is dependent on the length of fuse we’ve rolled out.
Please join the IRC channel during the stream – we can take live comments and discussion from the channel! Find us on IRC at irc.freenode.net #pauldotcom.
When active, the live stream(s) can be found at:
PaulDotCom Livestream – All new with Video and Chat!
PaulDotCom Icecast Radio
Please join us, enjoy the show live, and thanks for listening!
- Paul, Carlos, Mick, Larry, John, & Darren.

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