Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a traveling con where you could drink beer and hack systems? Well it turns out there is. Because God knows, we need another con.


There will be beer

At many of the events we present or attend we also try to put on an easy going hacklab/hacker-space that anyone in the local area can attend. We work with the people putting on the event (usually SANS) to open it up to the community as a whole without needing to register for the event. So far these have been a lot of fun. If we are lucky, we run the weekly show from the event live while people are cracking into servers. We also get some cool appearances from people like SpaceRogue, Ed Skoudis and Rob Vanderbrink. Also, the attending members of PaulDotCom do live demos and embarrass themselves in front of actual people, which is different than on the podcast.
Currently, there are two upcoming PaulDotCons:
First, live from London , Friday December 4th from 6:00 till??? This event will be co-hosted by Pieter Danhieux. He is planning on bringing in additional cool challenges to the event. I also think he will bring some cool shirts. Also, at this event we will be releasing the PDC DVD that has many of the cooler tech segments and videos we have produced.
Next up we have SANS New Orleans. This event will be Friday, January 15th from 6:30 till ??? Look, this is New Orleans. I don’t quite know what will happen there. Last time I vaguely remember dancing on a bar and a mechanical bull doing “bad” things to Mike Poor. Or was it the other way around? This event is nuts. New Orleans is one of my favorite SANS events. You have to go.

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Just 8 seconds?

If you choose to sign up for the full SANS training use the discount code of COINS-JS for 10% off.
There will be others, trust me. So stay tuned.

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