We go back to our regular recording time for Episode 163 at 7 PM EDT. The live stream should be active around 18:45 EDT (22:45 UTC), Thursday, August 13th. Please keep in mind that these times are estimates.
Please join us for Episode 163: “The Replicant Episode” to hear Roelof Temmingh from Paterva / Maltego discuss his upcoming virtual populace. We will also feature a new PaulDotCom’s technical segment: “Web Spidering Tips And Tricks”.


Please join the IRC channel during the stream – we can take live comments and discussion from the channel! Find us on IRC at irc.freenode.net #pauldotcom.
When active, the live stream(s) can be found at:
Ustream: PaulDotCom UStream Channel
Icecast: PaulDotCom Radio
Please join us, enjoy the show live, and thanks for listening!
- Paul, Larry, Mick, John & Carlos.

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