The live stream should be active around 18:45 EDT (6:45PM Eastern), Thursday, April 16th. We should begin recording the live show around 19:00 EDT. Please keep in mind that these times are estimates.
Our Technical Segment will be given by Michael “Mick” Douglas on A Quick Introduction to Argus – the Real Time Flow Monitor / IP network traffic auditing tool. Our guest for this episode is Mandeep Khera.


Mandeep will share his opinions on the relevance of PCI compliance and discuss Web Application Security. Mandeep has this to say on how online companies spend their security dollars:

” What’s surprising is that [e-tailers] are still spending money on network security. With 80 percent to 90 percent of Web applications vulnerable, and with 75 percent of attacks occurring through the Web sites, this budget allocation defies logic. . . . Web applications are among the top assets with your customer information that need to be protected.”

We’ll also unveil our plans for the 150th Episode Special 12-Hour Podcast on April 30th from 12:00PM-12:00AM!
Don’t forget to join in on the IRC channel during the stream – we can take live comments and discussion from the channel! Find us on IRC at #pauldotcom.
When active, the live stream(s) can be found at:
Ustream: PaulDotCom UStream Channel
Icecast: PaulDotCom Radio
Please join us, and thanks for listening!


- John, Paul, Larry & Mick.

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