Ok, first off Skypecast today!  We should be starting about 6:00 PM EST. Want to listen live? Go to http://skypecasts.skype.com and search for “PaulDotCom” (without the quotes). It may not show up untill we start, so check back in at the time listed above.

Second, Twitchy Nick is at SANSFIRE this week. So, if you are there look him up!  He’s got PauldotCom Stickers, shwag from Core Security Technologies, and free books from Syngress!  We’re leaving it up to Nick to come up with (legal) means of acquiring said items – most, just ask.

How do you find Nick?  He’s taking Security 504 – Hacker techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling with Ed Skoudis.  He also looks almost like a younger version of Professor Severus Snape.

- Larry



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