We at PaulDotCom security weekly listen to many podcasts in an attempt to assimilate as much information as possible. Each podcast we listen to has its own strengths, and there are few on this list that I would dismiss altogether, but I’ll let you be the judge. There have been a few other blog postings related to security podcasts:

What follows is an attempt to be a comprehensive list of what we’ve found out there, so if we miss something, just let us know!

    NOTE: The link for cyberspeak was incorrect and I fixed it.

  • PaulDotCom Security Weekly – This is our podcast. If you are already a listener, we thank you profusely, if you are not, give us a try and let us know what you think. We are really just out to have fun and hopefully educate people at the same time.
  • Security Now! – Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte talk about security topics. They did a great job covering different VPN options for home users. Steve tends to talk, a lot, and gets into trouble sometimes. I think Leo is learning more about networking than he bargained for, and continues to impress me with his professionalism.
  • SABAG Security – Two employees of Mcafee do their take on a security podcast. Its very heavily Mcafee and malware/virus focused.
  • Cyberspeak – I just started listening to this one again, and really enjoyed their interview with Bruce Potter. Their a down-to-earth couple of guys that talk about security, with a focus on forensics and investigation.
  • Sploitcast – These are a great bunch of guys who do a great job covering various security topics. And one of the dudes mom is a security geek!
  • Binrev – An underground take on security, they have a great discussion on IRC and many other hacker topics.
  • Basenet Radio – If you prefer the “adolescent” approach to security/geek podcasting then this one is for you.
  • PLA (Phone Losers of America) Radio – Some may question the value of this podcast beyond great entertainment, however it is a really good example of how easy it is to socially engineer people.
  • Crypto-Gram Security Podcast – If you prefer to have Schnier’s newsletter read to you, then this podcast is for you.
  • Liveammo: Digital Forensics & Hacking Investigations – Haven’t had a chance to listen to this one yet, but supposed to have some good forensics information.
  • The Security Catalyst – A CISSP view of the security world, lots of info on the policy and non-techie stuff.
  • Martin McKeay’s Network Security Podcast – Our good buddy Martin Mckeay talks security, vulnerabilities, and general security information. He also has a roundtable series that is pretty interesting. Martin also has a security blog at Computerworld.
  • A Day in the Life of an Information Security Investigator – Security Monkey Podcast – Since scrap has left the show its more enjoyable (nothing against scrap, but he scrambled his voice so it felt like I was listening to a serial murderer talk security!). Good information on security investigations.
  • Security Wire Weekly – A short, very down-to-business, summary of IT security news.
  • CSO Magazine Podcast – Haven’t listened to enough of this one to comment, but sounds like an NPR approach to security news.
  • Blue Box Podcast – All VoIP security all the time. A good podcast, but very narrow focus.
  • Hacker Voice Radio – British folk talk hacking.
  • T.W.A.T. Radio – This used to be a daily podcast that produced all sorts of tech and security tips, however they have not produced content in a while. However, just today they released a really good one on WRT54G hacking.


  • Infonomicon TV – Great hacking tutorial show, everything from hacking printers to making custom handsets for your cell phone.
  • Hak.5 – Very well done professional show on hacking, they even stop segments and say, “You are on your own from here because this violates DMCA”.
  • The Packet Sniffers – Some great interviews with hackers from 2600 conferences.

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Paul Asadoorian is the Founder & CEO of Security Weekly, where the flagship show recently re-titled "Paul's Security Weekly" has been airing for over 8 years. By day he is the Product Evangelist for Tenable Network Security. Paul produces and hosts the various shows here at Security Weekly, all dedicated to providing the latest security news, interviews with the industries finest and technical how-to segments. Paul is also the founder and host of "The Stogie Geeks Show", featuring cigar reviews for cigar enthusiasts.