Part II of our exclusive interview with Joshua Wright of Aruba Networks. In part II we discuss:

  • The current state of wireless intrusion detection
  • Josh talks about wireless client insecurities, such as flaws in wireless drivers
  • WifiPedia – a free source of WLAN-related information initially brought to you by the Secure Programming Group at University of Oulu.
  • LORCON – Loss Of Radio Connectivity – A wireless driver abstraction layer
  • Hottspot insecurity, and dangers of Karma, hotspotter, Airpwn, and Raw Glue AP
  • “I am Your Malicious Web Site”
  • Wireless defense measures for your client
  • Oracle Security, or lack thereof
  • Josh’s trick or treat Oracle application
  • Oracle Password Hashing Algorithm
  • The hazards of teaching your children how to start counting from 0
  • Josh talks (er, well, sorta) about the awesome cool stuff he’s working on at Aruba
  • Josh still teaches the wireless track for The SANS Institute, check out the Virginia conference, and SANSFIRE.
  • Be certain to check out Kismet

Hosts: Larry Pesce, Paul Asadoorian
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