Episode 3 is now available! Video should be coming early this week, so check back. Show notes:
- Paul realized creative control and started M$ IE bashing (IE sucks!)
- PC World 100 best product 2005 ! Firefox #1 Go install Firefox Now!
- Sony rootkit (DRM) madness, Amazon recalls CDs, Uninstaller ActiveX has flaws, Bleeding Snort sigs for Sony DRM
- Docs Para, Don Cominsky reverse query Sony DRM Infection Map
- Multi-vendor IPSec vulnerabilities, Cisco advisory, PaulDotCom Blog posting, Full Listing of vulnerable products from Security.nnov
- Vulnerabilities in Wifi phones, Cisco IP 7290, PaulDotCom Blog Posting, Others
- Google Bids To Give Mountain View Wi-Fi
- Everyone should register for my SANS course
- Blackhat 4 sale
- Windows RPC DoS, Originally thought you needed good credentials, apparently you may not
- From PacSec05“Using Neural Networks for remote OS Identification”
- MSNBC only run trusted code, CIA/KGB rant, Larry has gas
- Plain text passwords database from SCinet
- Got a Kidney to sell? Latest spam “Sell your organs online”
- WPA-PSK pass-phrase generator from Steve Gibson
- Go listen to Friends In Tech, and In The Trenches
Hosts: Larry Pesce, Paul Asadoorian
Sound/Video: Andrew Veitch, Nick DePetrillo
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Paul Asadoorian is the Founder & CEO of Security Weekly, where the flagship show recently re-titled "Paul's Security Weekly" has been airing for over 8 years. By day he is the Product Evangelist for Tenable Network Security. Paul produces and hosts the various shows here at Security Weekly, all dedicated to providing the latest security news, interviews with the industries finest and technical how-to segments. Paul is also the founder and host of "The Stogie Geeks Show", featuring cigar reviews for cigar enthusiasts.